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Texas Class Action Attorneys

Class action claims are serious complaints against companies who have defrauded or misled consumers in any capacity, or who have neglected their obligation to the public to provide safe products for their use, and our Texas class action attorneys are committed to holding those companies liable for their indifference to fulfilling our clients’ expectations.

At Eppsteiner Law, APC, our Texas class action lawyers are prepared to take on the largest manufacturers, banking institutions and insurance companies in the nation to ensure our clients’ rights are protected at every turn. For 15 years, our class action attorney group has teamed up to fight consumer fraud, deceptive advertising, financial rip offs and physical injuries that have resulted from the oversight of companies across the nation. These class action cases have included deliberate fraud, and negligent results from their careless manufacturing ways. No matter the cause, class action claims disrupt our clients’ well-being, and it is our duty as experienced and skilled class action attorneys to uphold their rights in a court of law, while pursuing a sizeable financial settlement on their behalf.

Our Texas class action lawyer group strives to provide the best class action representation possible, which is why we begin each of our attorney/client relationships with a free consultation. Each class action attorney in our firm is a sincere consumer advocate, as we have witnessed lives being turned upside down when defective products cause physical and emotional harm. Likewise, when our clients devote their resources to trusted companies who have a fiduciary responsibility to protect their well-being, only to be deceived by over charges, deceptive billing practices and conditions that they did not agree to; we want to help hold those institutions responsible for their indecent and alarming behavior.

Class Action Lawyers Representing the Texas Community

The renowned Texas class action attorneys at Eppsteiner Law, APC, are devoted to protecting consumers in the state of Texas from fraudulent and injurious products and services that are part of the economic landscape in this country. In an effort to make a profit, companies are overlooking their duties to provide legal and safe products and services to our Texas clients, and we want to help you stand up for the wrongs that have been committed in your direction.

Our class action attorneys in Texas represent individuals who have been injured physically, emotionally and financially by a company they trusted to provide a quality product or character supported service. To date, we have recovered nearly one half billion dollars on behalf of our class action clients, and our class action attorney group will continue to fight the good fight going forward.

We have successfully represented class action clients in the following categories, and will continue to derive prosperous class actions settlements for our Texas clients.

  • Defective Products, Appliances & Equipment
  • Hidden & Undisclosed Costs
  • Prices Imposed by Banks, Insurance Companies, Credit Cards & Utilities
  • Unpaid Insurance Claims

Whether you purchased a heating pad that severely injured you during use, or noticed a reoccurring, unexplained charge on your credit card or banking statement, our class action lawyers are prepared to wage a claim on your behalf against the company or financial institution who has wronged you.

Class Action Attorneys with Integrity & a Commitment to Justice

The class action attorneys in Texas who make up Eppsteiner Law, APC have devoted their entire careers to protecting consumers and upholding the laws that shield them from fraudulent behavior. Allow our extremely skilled and aggressive class action lawyer group to represent you in your claim to obtain justice from a company’s product or service that wronged you. We will pursue the best class action financial settlement available for your particular circumstances, and will not rest until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Class Action Attorneys you Can Trust

If you or a loved one has been forsaken by a company’s product or service, and suffered a physical, emotional or financial injury as a result, contact our class action attorneys today for help.  Our commitment to consumer protection and advocacy is unmatched in the legal industry, as we will fight on your behalf in state and federal courts as your class action claim fits to ensure your success.

Call one of our Texas class action lawyers today at 858-350-1500 for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case with a class action professional.

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