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Ohio Insurance Coverage

  1. Do you have the all too common problem of finding that the coverage on your insurance policy seems to be different from what you were told it would be?
  2. Insurance sales people tend to explain their policies in different ways, and insurance companies use various means to explain their policies and to attempt to get the information across. These include leaflets, lists, advertisements, summaries and other informational methods.

    It is all too common for policyholders to be mailed details of their policy months after taking it out, only to find that it is not the same as the one they thought they were buying.

    Unfortunately many insurance policies actually have an unpleasant surprise in them, the surprise being that the policy coverage is not quite the same as the information that you were promised. Most insurance coverage is sold by providing you with the policy after you have bought it.

  3. Are There Any Illegal Provisions In Your Policy?
  4. Some insurance companies even write clauses or exclusions in their policies that are in violation of state laws, in addition to not providing the policy or coverage that was promised. Many insurance companies like to offer multi state coverage, which is all very well; however, this coverage often violates a policy in Ohio or the other states in which it is sold. Different states prohibit specific coverage restrictions and exclusions.

  5. Has Your Insurance Protection Been Eliminated By Your Health Provider?
  6. Some health insurers categorize your health information incorrectly, and this is often caused by errors in the coding system, which is used by all the insurance companies. Most health insurance policies don’t describe all the possible ailments, conditions or treatments even though they describe the medical treatment or care available. You can easily lose your coverage or find it constrained, because of these errors in the coding of your illness, condition or treatment.

  7. Property Insurance
  8. You should know whether your Ohio insurance company addresses covered or non-covered motives to replace part of your residence. Your insurance company may have inadvertently decided its insurance coverage has somehow overlooked the covered cause. The need to remove natural rocks, tile or drywall, or test out your hating equipment may be because of this non-covered cause. Most customers find the situation is complicated, and to make sense of all the exclusions, definitions and everything else, may take one or more lawyers with expertise in this area.

  9. If you terminate the insurance policy before the end of your plan term, you may be penalized in the form of a short rate refund. Many insurance companies do not make clear their policy on the short rate refund and this can be confusing for anyone trying to decipher their insurance protection and coverage. You should have been informed of this policy when you called to terminate their policy. Again, this may be a matter for lawyers to look into, if you feel you were misinformed.

Ohio Short Rate Premium Fees

When you terminate your policy before it expires, and your insurance company bills you this is known as the short rate. A few Ohio insurance companies charge their customers a fee for terminating their insurance coverage before it has expired, although most companies refund the unused pro rated portion of the premium. This practice is considered to be misleading and deceptive and involves withholding relevant and important information. An example is the case of farmers Insurance and Eppsteiner Law, APC, and at the time the policy was sold, farmers did not notify the insured party. Eppsteiner Law, APC is looking at this policy, after the entire matter of the short rate refund was brought to our attention by a dissatisfied client. The client had a similar complaint in that he points out that he was not informed about the short rate refund.

Unfortunately, many Ohio insurance companies do not let their customers know everything they should, or do not explain things clearly, and you may need the help of attorneys if you cannot resolve the issue with your insurance company. You will need the services of a lawyer skilled in this area of insurance, and one who is able to sort out the intricacies of definitions, provisions and exclusions. Eppsteiner Law, APC will be able to get your lawsuit paid and will be able to help you make sense of your insurance coverage, which after all is meant to be a positive thing. Of course, it is possible to contact your insurance company yourself and try to work all this out, but if you are not able to, Eppsteiner Law, APC may be your only recourse:

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