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New York Class Action Attorneys

The New York community deserves to be protected from consumer fraud, defective products and excessive billing tactics, which is why our accomplished class action attorneys bring their experience and skill to the state and federal courtrooms that allow us to pursue the appropriate financial settlements for our clients.

The New York class action attorneys at Eppsteiner Law, APC operate as an extension of consumer rights, acting as advocates for everyone who has been financially, physically or emotionally injured by a defective product or fraudulent service. Our experienced class action lawyers practice consumer law effectively, returning integrity to our clients’ lives. Our trusted partnerships allow our clients to purchase products and services knowing that they have a superior class action attorney team on their side going forward. Operating for nearly 15 years as an accomplished class action lawyer group in New York, our attorneys have recovered nearly one half billion dollars for our clients injurious class action claims.

Providing free consultations to consumers who have been wronged by a company’s product or service, the New York class action attorneys in our firm never settle for less when we approach a claim of negligence. Companies must be held responsible for selling defective products or subjecting the public to false advertising claims, as they have a duty to operate with an expectation of honesty and integrity. Individuals purchase products and services because they believe the company’s claims, and are rightfully afforded the opportunity to enjoy their promotional appeal. When they are deceived and injured as a result of a defective product or fraudulent over charges, our class action attorneys take exception to that company’s negligent stance, and will pursue them aggressively to receive the financial compensation our clients deserve as a result.

Experienced Class Action Attorneys: Who Needs Us?

In short, the New York class action attorneys at Eppsteiner Law, APC believe that anyone who purchases a product or service can benefit from our protective approach to product liability and false advertising claims. Our class action lawyer group puts companies on notice, aggressively pursuing our clients’ consumer rights through state and federal courts to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve as a result of a company’s wrong doing.

Consumers purchase products and services every day with the expectation of its full functionality without harm, and a resulting claim of its effectiveness based on its advertising. When our clients are failed in either capacity, we will represent them with the intensity and experience it takes to win their claim in a class action courtroom.

Our New York class action lawyers have effectively represented clients in the following cases, obtaining lucrative class action financial settlements on their behalf, and we can do the same for you and your family.

  • Class Action Claims
  • Defective Products
  • False Advertising
  • Financial Fraud (Over charges, breach of terms, hidden costs)
  • Insurance Protection
  • Product Liability

If you have been wronged by a company in any capacity, whether it was through a defective product or service agreement that was breached beyond the terms you agreed to, our class action attorneys want to help you gain financial redemption. Our experience and knowledge in class action suits permits us to stand apart from other firms, and allows our clients to receive the maximum financial gain from the settlements we pursue.

Consumer Advocates & Class Action Proponents

At Eppsteiner Law, APC, our class action attorney group believes that all consumers have a right to purchase products and services with an expectation of satisfaction. When someone spends their hard earned money to obtain insurance, only to be denied a perfectly legitimate claim, our class action lawyers are here to help. When someone purchases a product based on good faith, their well-deserved revenue is used to enrich their lives as a result. When that product is defective, they have not only lost the money they spent, but also that of the damage is has caused physically and emotionally.

Our class action lawyers in New York are consumer advocates who believe our clients deserve the best from the product and services they purchase, and when they are wronged — and in some cases blatantly ripped off — our class action attorneys are more than happy to help them obtain a sizeable financial settlement as a result.

Injured by a Product or Service, and Need Help Recovering?

Contact our experienced and dedicated New York class action attorneys today at 858-350-1500 for help exploring your class action claim, so we can help you recover the financial settlement you deserve.

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