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  1. Are you aware of exactly what your insurance plan covers? Does your insurance protection differ from what your insurance agent promised it would be?
  2. Insurance sales representatives present policies to potential clients in many different ways. Most insurance providers place advertisements in local publications, distribute leaflets, send direct mail pieces and provide information about the types of coverage they offer to potential customers by other means.

    Even though the information they distribute contains details about what the company will pay for, sometimes the policy you receive after you have paid for it does not pay for all the items you read about in the advertisements, summaries and flyers.

    In most cases, you will not receive a copy of the policy before you pay the insurance carrier and you may discover there are surprises and the coverage you purchased is not the same as what the agent promised you when you were reviewing the options.

  3. Are there illegal provisions in your policy?
  4. Sometimes the insurance policy you receive not only varies from what you thought you were buying but it may even contain provisions that violate various state laws governing insurance. Every state has laws prohibiting certain exclusions and restricting some types of coverage, but when an insurance carrier writes policies in several states there may be a situation where the policy violates regulations in some of those states.

  5. Did your health insurance provider use the wrong code for treatment and void your coverage?
  6. Medical insurance policies outline which conditions and treatments you have coverage for but they do not include every possible condition, injury and treatment. Health care facilities use codes to identify treatment methods. These codes indicate how long the health insurance provider will pay for treatment, how much it will pay and whether the treatment is covered or not. You may lose coverage or have it restricted if the codes are incorrect for your medical condition.

  7. Do you know which parts of your building or home are covered for replacement or repair by your property insurance policy?
  8. If your property is damaged and you need to have your heating and air conditioning system tested, natural rocks replaced in the yard, tile fixed or drywall removed it may be the result of a situation that is covered or non-covered. Did your insurance carrier overlook a covered cause and deny your claim outright? If this is the case, you may need experienced attorneys to review your property insurance policy and sort through the stated exclusions and coverage details to determine if you should receive compensation for your loss.

  9. When you agreed to purchase insurance coverage, did the carrier’s representative inform you that you would be penalized with a short rate refund if you terminate the policy before the term ends? When you received your policy did the insurance company make you aware of the short rate refund clause? When you contacted the carrier to terminate your policy, did the representative tell you about the short rate refund?

Learn More About Michigan Short Rate Fees

If you terminate your insurance policy before the expiration date, the insurer will bill you a short rate. Some companies pro-rate the unused portions of the premium when they terminate a policy but others charge the insured a penalty for ending the policy early. In the latter case, the insurer refunds the premium at a lower rate. Farmer’s failed to notify a client of Eppsteiner Law, APC about the short rate reimbursement when the policy was purchased, when renewal notices were sent, when the client terminated the plan and when the reimbursement was issued. Since the insurance company failed to disclose this information, it may be misleading and deceptive. The lawyers at Eppsteiner Law, APC are investigating the Farmers Insurance procedures that led to its client gaining knowledge about the short rate refund only when he decided to cancel the policy. Read on to learn more about this investigation.

Eppsteiner Law, APC lawyers believe that many insurance companies fail to inform their clients about all the details concerning their policies. In some cases, the customer can handle disputes with an insurance company without any outside help and reach a favorable outcome. Other cases are more complicated and require the help of an experienced lawyer who is familiar with matters involving insurance coverage and who has the expertise to sort through the exclusions, definitions and provisions to understand thoroughly all the parts of the policy and make sure the insurance company pays for what it should. If you have trouble working out a dispute with your insurance company and cannot come to a mutually agreeable solution, do not hesitate to contact a reputable attorney and ask for help:

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