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Class Action Cohen v. California Delta Mechanical

If your replacement water heater was installed in San Marcos, California by California Delta Mechanical, Inc., your legal rights could be affected by a class action lawsuit.

  • A consumer has sued California Delta Mechanical, Inc. (“Delta”) as a class action representative over whether it misrepresented and overcharged consumers for San Marcos municipal water heater replacement permits.
  • You may be part of this class action if you had a replacement water heater installed by Delta between October 27, 2007 through the present at a location within the City of San Marcos, California.
  • Lawyers for the Plaintiff must prove the claims against Delta at a trial set to begin on July 2, 2015. If money or benefits are obtained from Delta, you will be able to ask for a share.
  • There is no money available now and no guarantee that there will be in the future. However, your rights are affected and you have a choice to make now.
  • Click on the Full Class Action Notice below as your rights and options are explained in this notice. To ask to be excluded, you must act by February 27,

Download the full Class Action Notice Cohen v. California Delta Mechanical, Inc., Case No. 37-2011-00100174-CU-BT-CTL here.

Cohen – Court’s Minute Order

Cohen – Class Action Complaint

Cohen v. CA Delta – CA Delta Mechanical’s Answer to Complaint 2.23.12

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water heater maintenance Class Action Cohen v. California Delta Mechanical

If you would like to contact Class counsel, please email Andrew P. FioricaAndrew Kubik or Stuart Eppsteiner, or call our office at 858-350-1500

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