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Pex Plumbing Leaks

Eppsteiner Law, APC has been contacted by homeowners whose PEX plumbing lines have cracked and leaked. Homeowners have reported that water leaked from their PEX water lines, damaged their personal property and their homes. These costs ran into tens of thousands of dollars. These PEX water line failures happened well within the life expectancy of PEX tubing as represented by PEX manufacturers.

A home is the largest investment you will make . Plumbing lines in your home are a necessity. However, if they leak they will cause damage to your home that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair, and temporarily displace you during repairs. Plumbing lines are installed in walls, ceilings and attics. You cannot see when a leak first starts in a wall or ceiling space. By the time you know your water line has leaked it has severely damaged your home. In addition to damage to walls, wall covering and carpet, plumbing leaks can damage furniture, clothes, appliances and keepsakes.

New plumbing products are routinely introduced and incorporated into your home. A problem with new construction products are they are not time tested. Laboratory testing is not the same as real world experience. Recall that polybutylene water lines and certain brands of ABS waste piping were offered as replacements for copper water lines and cast iron waste pipe. Both passed ICBO testing. However, both failed in people’s homes.

The newest plumbing invention is PEX tubing. PEX manufacturers recommend using PEX tubing instead of copper pipe. PEX is cross-linked polyethylene tubing. PEX is formed into tubing and routinely used in mass produced housing for water lines and radiant heating systems. Despite manufacturers’ claims that PEX is better than copper it has failed in thousands of homes across America. Massive failures in PEX tubing have been documented in Canada, Washington State and Minnesota thus far.


Plumbing lines are hidden within wall cavities and attics and therefore it is difficult to know whether you have PEX or copper plumbing lines. However, looking at the water lines connected to your water heater may allow you to identify whether you have copper or PEX plumbing. If the lines connected to your water heater are plastic, (See photo below), this may tell you whether you have copper or PEX plumbing. You may also be able to take a look inside your attic and see whether your plumbing lines are plastic.

DSC03294 300x225 Pex Plumbing Leaks

There are several manufacturers of PEX tubing. Most manufacturers put their name and the PEX product name right on the tubing. Some of the manufacturers of the PEX tubing that may be in your home are:

Wirsbro/Uponor manufactures the following PEX brands:

  • Uponor AquaPex-a tubing
  • Pre-insulated AquaPex tubing
  • Pre-sleeved Uponor AquaPex tubing
  • Wirsbo AquaPex-a tubing

Zurn Industries, LLC manufactures the following PEX products:

  • Zurn Pex tubing
  • Zurn Brass Fittings

Plasco Manufacturing, Ltd. manufactured the following PEX products:

  • UltraPex

Another way to identify whether you have PEX plumbing and which company manufactured it is to review manufacturer’s warranties your builder should have provided when you purchased your home. Sometimes builders provide a list of manufacturers whose products are installed in your home.


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