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Roofing Litigation

Roofing had for a long time been composed of tried and true historically used products. Examples are clay roof tiles, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and multi-ply tar and felt built-up roofs. Largely driven by cost factors and the profit motive, alternative replacement roof products have been developed in the last few decades. Some have fared well, and others have not.

Several roofing manufacturers have tried to manufacture a durable fiber-cement roof tile. Cal-Shake, Cemwood, FireFree, and others have been sued for defects and alleged failures of their fiber-cement roof products.

About Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are a relatively new product, and many of those manufacturers have tried to become players in the replacement roof product arena. Replacement roofing products usually need to be lighter than full weight concrete tile as the roofs on most of these homes were constructed to support only lightweight roof products like wood shakes or asphalt shingles. To use a full weight concrete tile on a roof framed to support wood shakes, fiber-cement shakes, or asphalt shingles usually requires reframing to support the heavier load. This would make full weight tile installation too expensive; therefore full weight tile would be rejected as a replacement roof product. LifeTile and Monier tried to develop lightweight concrete tiles that were so light you would not have to reframe a roof that had supported wood shake or asphalt shingles. Products such as DeckLite, developed by LifeTile, sold on the representation that it was so strong you could walk on it; ceased production after it broke when walked on and in some case was just handled. At Eppsteiner Law, APC, with offices in San Diego, California and Boulder, Colorado, our attorneys have sued LifeTile and Monier for the cost to replace defective DeckLite. That case settled, based on the cost to re-roof.

The track record of “new” roofing products is poor. The history of these products demonstrates that, when it comes to building and building products, time-tested historic products are often much more reliable.

Some of the larger roof product manufacturers are:

  • Eagle
  • GAF/Elk
  • Monier
  • Pioneer
  • Presitque
  • US Tile

At Eppsteiner Law, APC, our attorneys are well known for their successful class action litigation involving roofing, windows, doors and appliances. When defective construction products have led to damage in your home, to learn how we can help.

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