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Choosing a Lawyer for Your Colorado Defective Product Lawsuit

When you have been harmed by a manufacturer or retailer whose defective product has caused you damage to you a loved one, your property, or your pocketbook, you need a qualified Colorado defective product attorney to ensure that you recover money for your damages.

In most cases, the defendants in such a case are prosperous companies that are represented by large national defense law firms.  This is why choosing equally capable Colorado defective product attorneys to represent you is the best way to level the playing field and improve your chance of prevailing.

Comparatively Rating Defective Product Attorneys in Colorado

Here are four objective measures to employ in your search for the most qualified Colorado defective product attorney to represent you.  Use these criteria to compare and contrast your law firm options.

Legal Maturity

We all hear that experience is the best teacher.  This is certainly true about Colorado product liability attorneys.  Look for an intelligent, well-educated lawyer with a track record of winning the product liability cases they have handled.

Legal Specialization

A law firm that specializes in product liability lawsuits is what you need.  In Colorado, the laws governing your rights and the manufacturer’s or service provider’s responsibilities are complicated, requiring the education and skills of an attorney or law firm that specializes in suing defective product manufacturers.

Legal Skills

Colorado defective product lawsuits can become class action lawsuits, as many other consumers may also have been harmed by the same product that caused you harm.  The legal skills required to handle a class action lawsuit in Colorado are unique and something that few law firms or attorneys have.  Make sure that you narrow your search to experienced class action product liability attorneys who are experienced in handling these cases in Colorado.

Client Skills

A lawyer’s ability to relate to his or her client problems is important.  It is best to be represented by attorneys who, in spite of being aggressive litigators, are compassionate and understanding with clients.  This kind of Colorado defective product attorney walks their clients through the litigation process, provides guidance through the various stages of your case and keeps them informed of what is going on their case.

Colorado Defective Product Attorneys

At Eppsteiner Law, APC, which has offices in San Diego, California and Boulder, Colorado, we are well known for our successful class action litigation.  Our attorneys specialize in construction, products liability, insurance and class action lawsuits.  We represent consumers in construction defect, defective products and appliance class action lawsuits.  Our practice also extends to helping clients resolve financing, credit card, home purchase and insurance policy disputes.  Contact us to find out how we can help with your defective product lawsuit.

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