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In the U. S., the construction industry began growing by leaps and bounds after WWII. In many areas, the demand for homes, apartments, offices, and shopping centers, commercial and industrial buildings has continued to out-pace the supply. The rush to complete projects, reduction or elimination of trade apprenticeship programs, and a myriad of other factors often results in defective residential and commercial construction.

At Eppsteiner Law, APC, with offices in Colorado and California, Boulder and San Diego, our attorneys represent property owners with a broad range of construction defect claims including, but not limited to:

  • Water intrusion
  • Defective building materials
  • Design defects
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Shoddy workmanship
  • Soil Movement (sinking and expanding)

When you are involved in a construction defects controversy, before starting expensive and time-consuming legal action, we encourage you to work with contractors, builders and developers to develop a plan to repair damages. If a practical resolution cannot be reached, our attorneys stand ready to protect your interests and advance your claims.

Nearly three decades of real estate and construction litigation experience means Eppsteiner Law, APC has specialized knowledge and exceptional skills to prosecute construction defect litigation. Our multi-party, complex litigation, class action and construction defect experience enables our firm to successfully resolve even the most difficult cases. While we are always prepared to go to trial, whenever possible, we use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration or mediation.

When you need legal help and guidance concerning a construction defect problem, to learn how our attorneys can help:

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