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When windows or doors in your home or business are leaking, or when other construction products have failed, chances are, you have little hope of prevailing, if you alone pursue your claims against the manufacturer. If many other individuals or business entities have suffered similar harm, the rights of all people similarly situated may have their common claims pursued and resolved in a single class action lawsuit.

At Eppsteiner & Smith, with offices in San Diego California and Boulder Colorado, our attorneys have successfully represented consumers in class action suits related to construction defects, construction products, windows, doors, appliances and insurance bad faith.

The process of managing, settling or trying a class action lawsuit is complex, lengthy, expensive and inherently complicated. Consumers, who are potential members of a class, may be scattered across a state or across the United States. Everyone who purchased the product in question, assuming their addresses are known, will be notified and given an opportunity to join the class action or opt out. Attorneys research information about the manufacturer and the product, then research who are the best experts in field related to the product, retain experts and hire them to investigate, inspect and test the product to confirm there is a common defect and identify the defect(s) that cause the product to fail. This expert investigation is conducted as dictated by the standards or the expert’s discipline. The information collected must be recorded and stored in a manner that allows for its later retrieval and analysis. The information is analyzed and used for hearing and trial presentation. Yet, a class action is far less costly that thousands of separate trials for single or small groups of product purchasers. A class action uses less judicial resources than hundreds or thousands of separate trials.

Whether you live in Denver, the Bay Area, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Coast or the Central Valley or elsewhere in Western U.S., if you have a problem with defective

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Roofing
  • Appliances
  • Construction products

or have a problem with construction defects or insurance coverage, have suffered economic loss, and believe others have been similarly harmed, our attorneys will be happy to assist you. When you seek our legal help, we will evaluate the facts involved in your situation and determine whether a class action or an individual suit is the best path to recover damages.

If you have questions about one of our firm’s existing class actions, or are interested in forming a new lawsuit, we will gladly arrange a consultation.

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