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Firm Overview

California Civil Litigation Attorneys

Stuart M. Eppsteiner, one of California’s leading lawyers in class action, construction, real estate and products liabilitylaw, established the San Diego law firm of Eppsteiner & Associates in 1999; it is today Eppsteiner Law, APC. The firm specializes in representing consumers in defective product, appliance, home, building and construction product and insurance class action lawsuits.

Our Philosophy

Stuart believes that companies should be held accountable for what they sell, whether products or services.  Whether it is a telematics provider, such as OnStar, an insurance company, bank or other service provider, a real estate developer, builder or product manufacturer, they should be held responsible for what they sell. And, consumers who purchase those products, services or homes have the right to have the services, products and homes they purchased perform as they promised or reasonably expected.

Eppsteiner Law does not file frivolous lawsuits and does not encourage consumers to file lawsuits when their disputes can be resolved without litigation. However, some wrongs must be litigated . When that is the case, contact Eppsteiner Law.

Our Expertise

Attorney Stuart Eppsteiner has been practicing law for 34 years. Since the start of his legal career, he has focused his work on assisting consumers to recover damages they suffered from defective products or recalcitrant insurers.

Committed to achieving positive results for his clients, he has been appointed class counsel in significant class actions. He has won trials against construction product manufacturers and major real estate developers, and made insurance companies pay claims they wrongfully denied. Mr. Eppsteiner has achieved six class action settlements with an estimated value between $150 and $450 million dollars.

In class action litigation, our shareholders and associates work together closely, and in conjunction with the most qualified experts, in a coordinated effort to successfully investigate our cases and recover the damages our clients suffered. We blend our expertise, experience, sound judgment, significant resources, equipment, and the latest technology to efficiently and effectively handle lawsuits. No matter where witnesses or evidence are located, the effort it takes to uncover the needed information or how complex the subject matter, Eppsteiner Law uncovers the information needed to advance our clients’ claim

Legal Help

When you need a lawyer to hold a service provider, real estate developer, builder or product manufacturer manufacturer responsible for what it promised and/or sold, you can trust that Eppsteiner Law will understand your problem and commit its skill, experience and resources to deliver you a great result.

Call our law firm at 858-350-1500, click here to email us, or fill in the Contact form. We will contact you by the end of the next business day to discuss your problem.

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