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Front Load Washer Mold Investigation


Attorney Stuart Eppsteiner interviewed by NBC Miami’s “Team 6 Investigation” – discussing Frontload Washer Mold issues and Odors. He describes their inherent design problems, and how it affects consumers nationwide.

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Many front load washing machines have a problem that causes mold to grow in the gasket that seals the washing machine door, on the underside of the gasket, in space between the bottom of the gasket and component below it, as well as in detergent and freshener drawers.

Many manufacturers have not designed or manufactured the gasket and surround parts and conditions to cause water to drain out of and away from the gasket and the adjacent components. Those defectively designed and manufactured front load washers cause water to be retained in the bottom of the door gasket, underneath the gasket and space adjacent to the gasket. The retention of the water mixed with detergents, softeners, fabric residue, etc. eventually cause mold to grow in the washer.

The mold in your washing machine causes:

  • awful smells
  • your laundry to smell moldy
  • your laundry room or area to smell moldy
  • in the worst cases, illness related to mold or mold allergies.

Below is an example of a front load washer with visible mold growth. (Please click the images for larger detail.)

frontload washing machine mold 11 Front Load Washer Mold Investigation frontload washing machine mold 21 Front Load Washer Mold Investigation
frontload washing machine mold 31 Front Load Washer Mold Investigation


Are you experiencing a Front Load Mold Washer Issue or Problem too?

Some front load washing machine manufacturers, notably, LG Whirlpool and Sears/Kenmore, have already been sued. Maytag was sued and settled a class action lawsuit regarding mold in its Neptune brand front load washers, as reported by Consumer Reports. (MSNBC recently reported that mold in front load washers is pervasive and cannot be avoided in some cases, regardless of what a homeowner does to avoid it.) [MSNBC Story – Clean Clothes, stinky problem

Eppsteiner Law, APC are investigating defects in Electrolux, its Frigidaire brand front load washers, which are also sold by Crosley and White-Westinghouse, as well as Bosch front load washers. Eppsteiner Law, APC are filing suit for clients that have defective front load washers that develop mold.

If you have a front load washer that develops mold, you should not accept this as a normal condition or event. It isn’t normal. It exists and happens because of defective design, parts, components and workmanship. If you have a moldy front load washer, call Eppsteiner Law, APC today toll-free and without obligation at 858-350-1500, or contact us online to discuss your front load washer problem with an experienced product liability and class action attorney familiar with these issues.

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