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BBG Communications Payphone Scam

Have you been charged extraordinary rates for making a call from a payphone using your credit card or debit card?  If so, you have likely been the victim of BBG Communications, Inc.’s unfair, deceptive and unlawful business practices.  BBG is a San Diego based company providing phone service to payphones in airports, cruise ship terminals, train stations, currency exchange kiosks, and hotels.  These services are provided in California, other states of the United States and throughout the rest of the world. BBG does not disclose its exorbitant connection fees or its outrageous per minute usage rates. Don’t let BBG get away with ripping you off. Contact Eppsteiner Law, APC about what you can do to get back your money and justice for you and others. Contact us by email 877-480-1500.

BBG goes by numerous fictitious business names to make it harder for you to find them.  Your credit card bill will not identify BBG, but only one of its fictitious business names.

BBG uses fictitious names in conducting its business. Your credit card bill may only reference one of BBG’s fictitious names. The fictitious business names used by BBG Communications’ are stated below.

(If you have been victimized by BBG’s deceptive business practices contact us by email or call 877-480-1500)

1. International Satellite Communications 23. Kellee Phone
2. B Tel Communications 24. KOKUSAITSUWA
3. Call To International 25. LA Payphone
4. CallDominican 26. LAX Payphone
5. CallPayPhone 27. Longdist Dom
6. ChicagoPhone 28. Mexico Phone
7. Credit Phone 29. Longdist Dom
8. D Repub Call 30. Minnesotacall
9. DenverPayFon 31. My Travel Pin
10. Detroit Call 32. MyTravelPin Com
11. Domncan Call 33. National Telephone Collection Services
12. DomReplcCall 34. Payphone Call
13. Europe Phone 35. Phone Denver
14. FairCall 36. Phone Kellee
15. French Call 37. Phonecalldom
16. German Phone 38. Rdom Telecm
17. Germany Call 39. Sandiegocall
18. Hawaii Call 40. Sanfco Phone
19. Holland Call 41. Telecom Call
20. Houston Call 42. USA Payphone
21. International Caller 43. Yak Communications
22. International Calling Services


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