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US District Court certifies California, Illinois, Maryland and New York classes for claims against Bosch & Siemens frontload washer

On December 20, 2012 the United States District Court has certified the claims of California, Illinois, Maryland and New York Bosch and Siemens Frontload Washer owners. The Court certified claims for violation of consumer protection statutes in all four states and violation of implied warranties for New York and California Bosch and Siemens washer owners. The Court order is available here

The classes certified by the United States District Court cover only residents of California, Illinois, Maryland and New York, but none of the other 46 states. This means that if you live in a state other than the four referenced herein, your claims are not being asserted and your interests are not being protected. If you own a Bosch or Siemens Frontload Washer, you should learn more about the Bosch & Siemens Washer Litigation, to do so email Eppsteiner Law, APC – or call 800-217-7431 to speak with an attorney.

Attorney Stuart Eppsteiner interviewed by NBC Miami’s “Team 6 Investigation” – discussing Frontload Washer Mold and Odors. He describes their inherent design problems, and how it affects consumers nationwide.

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BSH Home Appliances, Bosch, manufactured frontload washers that develop mold, bacteria and foul odors; so allege homeowners from California, Illinois, Maryland and New York. These homeowners sued Bosch in federal court claiming its Nexxt, Vision, and Siemens branded frontload washers develop mold, bacteria and foul odors. The lawsuit has been pending since June 2010, and the federal court is presently considering whether to certify the case as a class action.

Bosch, the vaunted German engineering concern joint ventured with another German stalwart, Siemens, to create BSH Home Appliances, which markets Bosch and Siemens appliances in North America. Americans assume Germans make high quality and well-engineered products. (Think Mercedes Benz, BMW. Zeiss lens). However, many of those who own Bosch frontload washers experienced mold, bacteria and foul smells coming from the machines. Some Bosch frontload washer owners even complain that foul odors were transferred to their towels and bedding.

The Plaintiffs contend that Bosch knew its machines had the propensity to develop these effects, but failed to disclose this information at the point of purchase. Instead, Bosch touted its machine’s energy efficiency and sanitary properties. The Plaintiffs contend that Bosch had a duty to disclose what it knew, as they would not have purchased their washers had they known they would have smelly, germ infested washers.

Don’t you expect your washer will:

  • Be clean?
  • Not breed mold and bacteria?
  • Not retain wet hot dirty water inside of it after your wash is completed?
  • Not have a propensity to make things washed in it smell sour or like mildew?
  • Cause you to have an allergic reaction if you are allergic to mold or bacteria?

Why didn’t Bosch disclose this information on its machines? Well, Plaintiffs believe that Bosch did not disclose this information because it was concerned that if it did, no one would buy their washers. Does your frontload washer have mold and mildew? Does your washer smell like a damp basement? Do your clothes smell sour or moldy?

If you buy a washer for high efficiency, don’t you expect the washer to use less electricity and water? Won’t the efficiency you expected be lost, and your costs be higher, if you have to run empty hot water and bleach cycles to suppress the mold and bacteria build-up?

If you own a Bosch, Siemens, Kenmore or other brand of frontload washer, contact us. We want to know about your experience and determine whether we can help you. If the pending case is certified, we want to make sure you receive notice if the case is certified as a class action. If you live in a state other than California, Illinois, Maryland and New York, call Eppsteiner Law, APC today toll-free and without obligation at 858-350-1500, or contact us online, to discuss your front load washer problem with an experienced product liability and class action attorney familiar with these issues.


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