From the Public Justice Website – How Federal Preemption is Hurting and Killing People:

Michelle Nemphos wanted to protect her child. What she found herself in was a little-understood legal fight for her right to a day in court. The Nemphos ...



Attorney Stuart Eppsteiner interviewed by NBC Miami’s “Team 6 Investigation” – discussing Frontload Washer Mold and Odors. He describes their inherent design problems, and how it affects consumers nationwide.

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Have you purchased a heating pad? Did its box disclose that you can burned at any heat setting, that you cannot lie ...



Are you one of millions of women who strive to achieve longer lashes? If you purchased Maybelline New York’s “Illegal Length” Mascara and found that it did ...


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California Class Action Attorneys

Our Class Action lawyers in California do more than pursue financial recovery for our victims; we also protect consumers from defective products, false advertising claims and financial calamities that result from unlawful over charging or denial of an insurance claim.

At Eppsteiner & Fiorica Attorneys, LLP our California class action attorneys have been protecting consumer’s rights as a team for nearly 15 years. Our confident and established strategies for holding companies responsible for their brand’s integrity and effectiveness so consumers can enjoy their expectations of receiving a product that works properly, and lives up to their advertising efforts. When our clients are misled, injured and financially affected in a negative way, we will come to their aid without delay and provide the representation they deserve to pursue the negligent party.

Consumer fraud, product liability and false advertising induce feelings of deception, causing our clients to feel wronged and even ripped off. Our California class action attorney group takes these defrauding cases very seriously, as we understand the consequences of the product or service’s victimizing approach to customer care. Each class action lawyer in our firm fights for the rights of consumers from every walk of life, and begin that partnership with a free consultation. Products, brands and services that do not live up to their stated character or integrity, harming consumers as result, allows our class action attorneys to step up and help rescue them from the physical, emotional and financial injury that ensues after they have been defrauded by a company they trusted.

Who Needs a Class Action Lawyer?

The California class action lawyers at Eppsteiner & Fiorica Attorneys, LLP make themselves available to any consumer who feels they have been wronged by a company’s product or service. There are a number of instances that invoke an individual’s right to obtain class action council, and our class action attorneys have successfully represented individuals throughout the country that have been harmed by simply purchasing a product or service that failed to meet the expectations set forth by its company.

With over 15 years of class action experience, and nearly one half billion dollars recovered on our clients’ behalves, our class action lawyers have successfully represented individuals in their financial recovery efforts for years. Examples of class action cases we have fought and settled with great success include:

  • Deceptive Rate Charges
  • Defective Construction Products
  • Defective Product Liability
  • False or Deceptive Advertising Practices
  • Over Charges, Improper Billing & Charges Never Agreed to
  • Wrongful Denial of Insurance Claims

If you have purchased a defective product, whether it has already been called into question as specific brands of front load washers, heating pads, windows and roofing products, or a product or service that has never been called into question, our class action lawyers will represent you with an aggressive strategy to ensure you receive the financial settlement you deserve.

Accomplished Class Action Attorneys

At Eppsteiner & Fiorica Attorneys, LLP our California class action attorneys keep their collective finger on the pulse of companies who produce defective products or false and deceptive advertising claims. In addition, companies with a reputation for overcharging consumers or denying claims for their own financial gain are always on our radar. Class action cases are our passion, and our commitment to the California community will be made clear in state and federal courtrooms as we take their class action claims all the way to the top of the legal chain to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Our class action lawyers are aggressive, skilled and accomplished in approaching companies who are in dereliction of their duties to provide consumers with safe, properly advertised products and services. Class action claims require an exceptional burden of proof by any class action attorney group, and our class action lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to present these facts before the court, so our clients will receive the financial compensation they deserve as a result.

Have you Been Negatively Affected by a Product or Service? Call Us Today.

If you or a loved one has been harmed physically, emotionally or financially by a defective product, deceptive service or advertising claim, it is important that you contact an experienced class action lawyer today to bring your case to the appropriate status for financial recovery.

Contact our superior class action lawyer group today at 866-548-8857 to understand how we can help you take your claim to the top of the legal chain, and return the financial compensation you deserve for your injury.

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“We were a small group of homeowners sharing a common problem – leaking, moldy windows. After the window manufacturer refused to help, we retained Stuart Eppsteiner to pursue legal action. Stuart and his team discovered the causes of the window ... Read More...

“We had problems with the windows in our house. Stuart took charge of things, had experts figure out what was wrong, filed suit and settled the case with a great result. Stuart was available to me during the lawsuit and ... Read More...

“Eppsteiner and Associates exemplify why one works with a boutique law practice specializing in construction law – experienced partners who do the work, looking out for the client’s interests first (and not their own) and taking ownership. Over many years ... Read More...


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