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Polder Stainless Steel Products: Haven't Yours Rusted?



Polder states its bathroom products, like toilet brushes and plungers, are “stainless steel,” but the truth is that the steel they use is of such low quality that it will rust. Not only will your Polder stainless steel product rust, but the rusted steel combined with either bathroom or toilet brush moisture can cause leakage onto your bathroom floor; resulting in unsightly rust stains and damage to your bathroom flooring.

If you purchased a Polder product (or any other product advertised as being made of stainless steel) and it has rusted or damage your property, you may be entitled to compensation as part of a class action lawsuit.

If your “stainless steel” product is rusted, contact attorneys to discuss your claims. Contact Eppsteiner Law or call them at 800-261-6507.