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Viking Refrigerators Cause Floods

Certain Viking Refrigerators cause floods. Eppsteiner Law, APC has been contacted by homeowner and developers with complaints that certain Viking refrigerators that have caused floods.

viking fridge interior condensation1 Viking Refrigerator Flooding Investigation

Condensation in Fridge Interior
viking fridge flood damage1 Viking Refrigerator Flooding Investigation

Floor Damage Caused by Flooding
viking fridge floor condensation 11 Viking Refrigerator Flooding Investigation

Condensation Leaking from Freezer on Paper Towel
viking fridge floor condensation 21 Viking Refrigerator Flooding Investigation

Condensation from Freezer and Visible Floor Damage

Viking is aware of this problem as it was reported to its approved repairmen and its resellers. In fact it has gone as far as involving its insurers. However, Viking has not recalled all of its refrigerators with freezers that have caused floods. Viking has also changed some of its refrigerators with freezers that caused floods. Viking has paid others to install additional equipment and apparatus that it represents will stop Viking refrigerators from flooding floors.

If you purchased a Viking refrigerator you likely spent more than $4,000. Did you think that a refrigerator that cost more than $4,000 would flood your floor? If you have hardwood floors it will be ruined if your Viking refrigerator causes a flood.

If you own a Viking refrigerator it may have a defect that has or will cause it to flood your floor.

Eppsteiner Law, APC has been contacted by many Viking refrigerator owners whose property was flooded by their Viking refrigerator. We are investigating this claim and evaluating whether Viking refrigerator owners should file a lawsuit on behalf of all Viking refrigerator owners. If you own a Viking refrigerator that has caused flooding please contact Eppsteiner Law, APC today toll-free and without obligation at 858-350-1500, or contact us online, to discuss your problem. Eppsteiner Law, APC specializes in recovering money for consumers that are injured by defective products.

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